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Norma Márquez Orozco


Bio Norma Márquez Orozco

Artist Profile

Norma Márquez Orozco’s inspiration comes from the experience of life, where she sees creation as an infinite process, and a permanent transformation and growth. Real-life observation is the main source of her ideas. Most of her artwork is non-representational, however she considers her work is deeply rooted in nature.

Her artwork explores concepts of impermanence, perception, form and balance, mainly through physical movement of the work itself in a ludic, game-like context, such as puzzles. The repetitive geometric shapes are made in paper molded into three-dimensional shapes and assembled inside boxes build out of translucent paper. The arrangement is random and unfixed to allow movement and unpredictable composition. Márquez Orozco points out that when you look at her art pieces you see them for the first time, every time, because what is creating and completing them, is always changing; such as light and shapes merging and interact, making dynamic and unpredictable relationships, that extends beyond her personal hand, sustaining an appearance entirely of its own.


Norma Márquez Orozco was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1966, and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. In 1991 Márquez Orozco moved to New York City where she started and consolidated her career as an artist. Recently she lives and works in Luxembourg. In addition to exhibiting her work, she has also curated exhibitions and has presented conferences and artist talks for the public. Exhibition venues include: ODETTA, Brooklyn, NY, Longwood Art Gallery, Queens Museum, The (S) Files 007 / The Biennale El Barrio Museum, Art Agora, Cervantes Institute, Bronx Community College's Hall of Fame Art Gallery. She has also participated in art fairs such as: Art on Paper New York, Affordable Art Fair New York and MASQUELIBROS International Artists Book Fair of Madrid, Spain.

Norma Márquez Orozco

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